Ikea Planning

M and I have a ton of stuff to do around the house before baby #3 makes an appearance.  This mainly involves clearing out the clutter and getting some new multi-functional pieces.  I had a fairly large Ikea wish list and I had the opportunity to go this morning and scope everything out.  Between the Ikea breakfast, hot dogs and ligonberry sundae, I was actually successful in narrowing down my list.

Here are the items that will soon be mine! (said in an overly dramatic cartoon villain-type voice)

Brimnes Cabinet


We are getting rid of our super huge dining room hutch and replacing it with 2 of these cabinets.  One for each side of the table.

Besta Burs Desk


Because the playroom is being converted back into a nursery, the girls will be losing a desk.  I’ll be using this to set up a homework/colouring station in the dining room.  I’m envisioning a family hub where there is space for the laptop, somewhere to pay bills and lots of storage for all of the loose papers that seem to accumulate.

Hurdal 3-drawer Chest


As much as I love the current dresser in the girls’ room, it is just too small for both of them to share.  This dresser is surprisingly spacious with really deep drawers.

Nordli 8-drawer Chest


This is another spacious dresser but is a bit bigger than the previous one.  This will be perfect for the nursery.  Lots of room for clothes, diapers, blankets, toys and all the other gear that comes with babies.  Plus it’s at the right height to put a change pad on top for diapering.

Brimnes Bed Frame with Storage and Headboard


Our bedroom is tiny and a good chunk of it is taken up by a free-standing wardrobe (we don’t have a closet).  With baby coming, we need to make room for a bassinet/pack and play for the babes to sleep in for the first few months.  The wardrobe is on its way out and M and I will be moving most of our clothes to the basement.  A bed with storage will allow us to keep our most accessed items – underwear, socks, pajamas, t-shirts, leggings (for me)/jeans (for M) close at hand.  Plus a headboard with storage will remove the need for side tables.

I’m excited to go back to actually purchase everything!  We just need to make room for it all first 😉



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