Initial Artwork: R is for River

So here’s a random story for you… when I found out I was expecting, I signed up to be a part of a Facebook group for women who are all having babies in September.  The group is primarily Americans but there is one other Canadian.  Coincidentally, she also lives in Toronto and only 5 minutes from me!  Julie and I went on a ‘blind date’ a few weeks ago and totally hit it off.

As a group, we decided to do a secret gift exchange.  Because we live so close, it made sense for Julie and I to be partnered up.  We met last night to exchange our gifts.

Because I love making word art with Pic Monkey, I thought this was a perfect opportunity to make some personalized for her yet-to-arrive baby girl, River.


I framed it for her and it will hopefully look beautiful in River’s grey and pink nursery.  Julie teared up when she opened the word art so I would say this was a successful gift!

If anyone has an interest in making their own initial artwork, below is the template you can save (right click on the template and select “Save image as”).  Head on over to Pic Monkey (it’s free and super easy to use!), upload the template and add your own text.


Happy Friday everyone!

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