32 by 32 Weeks

So I’ve been contemplating how much of this I should share on the blog.  I figured since it would come up eventually I would let you all know what is going on…

I’ve been dealing with a complication this pregnancy known as vasa previa.  For all intents and purposes, I have 2 placentas and there are vessels running between the 2 of them which are a little too close to my cervix for comfort.

Since this was identified early, they doctors are putting some steps in place to deal with the risk.  This includes a c-section at 35 weeks (rather than going to full term which is 40 weeks) and being admitted to the hospital between 32 and 33 weeks.  That leaves me with just over 6 weeks to get everything ready for baby’s arrival… eep!!!!

Here are 32 things I’m hoping to accomplish before 32 weeks.  Some are fun and some are totally necessary but I will work towards getting them all done!

  1. get the nursery ready
  2. wash baby’s clothes
  3. buy a stroller
  4. buy diapers and wipes
  5. get a new bed for mine and M’s room
  6. buy nursing bras
  7. pack hospital bag
  8. get snacks for the hospital
  9. closet purge
  10. update budget for maternity leave
  11. set up desk in dining room
  12. register at hospital
  13. clear out ‘guest room’
  14. move closet downstairs
  15. pull together lists for M while I’m gone (I should preface this by saying I am completely confident in his ability to manage the house and the girls while I’m going but I want to try to limit his stress as much as possible!)
  16. do some freezer cooking
  17. Ikea visit
  18. binge the newest season of OITNB
  19. go for an AYCE sushi lunch
  20. download some movies
  21. upate my Netflix list
  22. visit the library for some new books
  23. have a coffee date with myself
  24. take the girls to the beach
  25. date night with M
  26. special day with L
  27. special day with E
  28. get a haircut
  29. get a pedicure
  30. make a list of projects to work on while in the hospital (like E’s 1st birthday book!)
  31. go see a movie
  32. create special ‘gift bags’ for the girls for when I’m gone

I’m not overwhelmed yet but ask me again in 2 weeks!

2 thoughts on “32 by 32 Weeks

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