StraightFix Hair Straightening Brush Video Review

Hi everyone!  I decided to try out a video post today to review the StraightFix hair straightening brush.

Here is my feedback on the StraightFix:


  • cut my hair straightening time in half
  • user friendly
  • great customer service


  • my hair wasn’t as smooth as when I use a straightener (although I’m going to try again with blow drying my hair first from wet with straightening product as I would when straightening my hair
  • can’t do as much as a hair straightener (e.g., curl the ends under, create soft waves)
  • buttons sat under my thumb and I kept accidentally hitting them

At this point, I give the StraightFix a score of 3/5.  I will continue to use it thought and update you on if it gets better as I get more experience or refine my process.

I paid $69.99 for the StraightFix (no freebies for this blogger!) and I don’t think it was worth the price.  I would feel more comfortable recommending the StraightFix if it had a price of $50 (and if your hair was less curly that mine which I feel it would be more successful with).

Let me know if you have any questions in your comments!


7 thoughts on “StraightFix Hair Straightening Brush Video Review

  1. I don’t know about this version but their new version didn’t work well for me. May as well use a GHD as took just as long but instead gave me dead straight lifeless results and I struggled to get to the roots properly.

    The ends of the brush hurt my head too as there are no soft supports at the end to make it feel like a smooth glide. And unit looks cheap. Don’t recommend the black as the white thick cord looks nasty with it.

    They also delete negative feedback from there Facebook page so it’s no wonder everyone on there is some ecstatic!

    • Thanks for sharing your feedback! Sorry that it didn’t work out for you. I wasn’t totally in love with the results but I will try again as it did cut my hair straightening time in half.

  2. I have just received mine and am really angry to see that it is a different brand, and when I googled it, I found it on Amazon for £17.99 so they are ripping off their customers with a cheap brand! I have contacted customer services but no response!

    • So sucky to hear! I don’t know if I’d take my chance buying something through fb again! I had really high hopes 😦

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