OOTD: Keeping Cool + Exciting News

So I received some interesting news this week… apparently my vasa previa has completely cleared up!  My midwives, OB and specialists are totally shocked!  I am over the moon with excitement!  With this condition, I was to be admitted to the hospital at 32 weeks and scheduled for a super early c-section at 35 weeks.  Now I am fully clear to wait until my body decides baby is ready to come out!

Anyway, it has been super hot in Toronto and I’ve been trying to stay cool and comfortable while still looking relatively pulled together.  Today I wore a flowy maxi skirt, sparkly necklace and hair pulled up off my neck!

wp-1467933575920.jpg wp-1467933529686.jpg wp-1467933549242.jpg wp-1467933509790.jpg

I hope you’re surviving the heat wherever you are!

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2 thoughts on “OOTD: Keeping Cool + Exciting News

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