Baby Bump: 28 Weeks

So coupled with the high of last week’s news about my vasa previa was the low of finding out I have gestational diabetes.  Boo!  On the plus side, I’d much rather be dealing the GD than crazy placenta issues!  I had an appointment at the hospital today to get set up with my sugar tracking gear.  All three times I tested today I was well below my limits.  Let’s hope I can continue managing through food alone so I don’t need to go on insulin!

Anyway, I am officially in my third trimester!  Hooray!


Missed my previous pics?  Check them out below!

theelmlife_babybump_16weeks theelmlife_babybump_22weeks theelmlife_babybump_24weeks

Also, we did a super fun gender reveal that I’ve posted a video of.

6 thoughts on “Baby Bump: 28 Weeks

  1. Sorry to hear about GD. I had my test last Friday and results came back clear but it was certainly scary. I really hope everything goes ok and it doesn’t affect things for you too much

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