Floral Initial Artwork

For anyone who has been reading the blog for a while, it’s no surprise that I love initial artwork.  The girls have some displayed in their room and I like to give it as gifts.

The new baby needed some of her own!

I started with an older piece of art that was painted out white, some gold Wall Pops! stickers (the leftovers from the girls’ room) and some dollar store fake flowers.


I started by pulling all the flowers apart so they were individual blooms rather than on stems.


Then I made a pattern with the stickers.  Thankfully these come off relatively easy.  Once I got the flowers on, I decided I hated how they looked so I took them off and tried again.


With flower placement, I just free-handed it.  I started with the bigger blooms and then used the smaller ones to fill the design out.


I’m so happy with how it turned out!  This will be placed above the crib with wooded letters underneath spelling baby’s name.  Curious what her name will be?  We are going with…


O for Olivia!  We are going to call her Livvy though.  I had wanted something with an ‘L’ sound (to go along with Lilah and Elise) and when I proposed this option to M, he was totally on board!  We high fived to make it official and there is no going back now, lol.

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