Reinvented I Heart U Artwork

One of the pieces I made for the gallery wall in the girls’ room is a modified alphabet print:


I love how it turned out and wanted to update the concept on a larger scale for the nursery.

I started with another piece of DIY artwork that is no longer being used and a pack of wooden letters from the dollar store.

wp-1471475026451.jpg wp-1471475164091.jpg

I covered the old artwork with white paper and sprayed painted the majority of the letters navy blue.  I then painted the “I” and the “U” light pink so they stood out.  Instead of an “O”, I cut a heart out of scrapbook paper.


Once the letters had dried, I used a glue gun to stick them right on the glass.


I was happy with how it looked but I wasn’t totally digging the dark frame so I sprayed it gold instead to match the colour scheme of the room.


Now to hang it in the nursery!



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