Quick Update: August 2016

I haven’t posted much on the blog this month… I am seriously lacking motivation to complete any projects lately. Being third trimester pregnant, up 40 lbs and dealing with the Toronto heat is not a good combination!

Regarding the pregnancy, back when I was dealing with vasa previa, my OB scheduled a csection for 35 weeks. That would have been today! Crazy to think that baby Livvy could have been been here by now! Instead we need to wait another 5 weeks.

Probably a good thing because we still have a few more things to cross off the to-do list. Nothing major… just putting the new mattress in the crib, installing the car seat and hanging artwork in the nursery. There are a few other around-the-house tasks to complete as well but they aren’t impacting baby’s arrival.

I only have 2 days left of work and then I’m looking forward to hopefully having a full month to relax before Livvy arrives! Anyone have any Netflix or Shomi recommendations for me?

Have a good weekend everyone!

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