Printable Safari-themed Nursery Artwork

M has a colleague who is expecting and he asked me to DIY a present for her.  Since I love me a good DIY project, I was all over it!  After M did some sleuthing about the nursery, I had my parameters: safari-themed with a green and brown colour scheme.

Here’s what I came up with…



Thanks to for the text and graphics!


Want to use the images yourself?  Feel free to download the individual images below.


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9 thoughts on “Printable Safari-themed Nursery Artwork

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  3. Hi! I really like these but the zebra seems to be a much lower quality file, do you have the larger file? I was hoping to put them up in my nursery.

    • Thanks for your interest! Unfortunately I don’t have a larger file but I’m planning on revamping these in the next few week. Check back soon!

      • Thank you very much Lindsay, i think they are great and exactly the kind of thing i hope to have in the nursery for my soon to be daughter!

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