Modified Freezer Cooking

This pregnancy I was planning on doing some freezer cooking but with 10 days left until my due date, my motivation is seriously lacking.

I decided to modify the process by cooking up some chicken breast and ground beef that can be quickly defrosted for easy meals like stir fry or salad (with the chicken) and pasta or tacos (with the ground beef).

I started with $40 worth of chicken breasts (20 in total) and $13 worth of ground beef (just under 1.5 kgs).


The process was super simple…

Step 1: cook meat


Step 2: slice (for the chicken)


Step 3: divide into smaller portions using freezer bags


Step 4: freeze


The entire process of prepping, cooking, cutting, bagging and cleaning took just over an hour (and that wasn’t dedicated time… I was able to do some laundry while the meat was cooking).  In the end, I had 4 bags of ground beef and 6 bags of chicken.

Hopefully this will help us eat healthy and home cooked meals once baby arrives!

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