New Bedding

M and I have been working on updating the decor in our bedroom over the last few months.  This also meant some new furniture… getting rid of an oversized wardrobe and bringing in a bed with a ton of storage:


Source: Ikea

Of course the new bed needed new bedding!

We are still using our old duvet cover (but without the duvet… I’ve decided I hate duvets, lol) but jazzed up the plain white with some patterned sheets with fun blue script, a textured taupe blanket that is super soft and perfect for the cooler weather, and bi-coloured throw pillows with button details.  All of the new bedding came from Winners and was reasonably priced: $24.99 for each throw pillow, $39.99 for the sheets and $39.99 for the blanket.

The colours work perfectly with the existing blue walls and the new artwork that I bought to showcase in a gallery wall.



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