Ikea Living Room Mood Board

M and I have some big plans for the house this year.  Top of our list?  Enclosing our porch to make a mudroom.  This means that our ‘entryway’ (and I use the term loosely because there is no division from our living room) will be moving out to our porch giving us an extra 8×8 space for our living room.  Of course I’ve already started planning for a makeover!  I decided to try a mood board and I’m so happy with how it turned out!


Our new living room will include graphic black and white, punchy yellow and highlights of pink and gold.  Everything comes from Ikea which means that the costs will be relatively reasonable.

Here is everything I need to convince M this makeover needs 🙂

2. FRIHETEN Corner Sofa-bed
3. BOSNÄS Footstool with Storage
4. My own DIY Abstract Canvas Artwork
6. BESTÅ Box
7. LÖVBACKEN Side Table
8. RANARP Wall/Clamp Spotlight
9. GULLKLOCKA Cushion Cover
10. LAPPLJUNG RUTA Cushion Cover
11. STRANDMON Wing Chair

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