Shopping for New Glasses

I’ve been having issues with my left eye lately and after a visit to the optometrist, it turns out I am dealing with some extreme dryness. To the point where I have to use specialty eyedrops 5 times a day plus an ointment at night.  I’ve also been told to not wear my contacts for a month.  Ugh.

I figured I’d use this opportunity to buy some new glasses to replace the ones I have that are falling apart (I need to glue the one arm on about once a month).

I thought I’d try out (where I usually buy my contacts) but I’m having some trouble actually picking a pair!  I’ve narrowed it down to 8…

Kam Dhillon Luisa 3080


Kam Dhillon Cathi 3068


Evergreen 6050-52


Derek Cardigan 7010 (I can’t choose a colour either!)


Vince Camuto VO081-54


JK London Wood-Lane


Christian Siriano The-Anna


Joseph Marc 4104


Because Clearly has a promo for 40% off lenses, I think I’m going to order 3 pairs… 1 neutral and 2 fun pairs.  Do you have a favourite?

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