Capsule Wardrobe Planning

‘Build a capsule wardrobe’ was one of the items on my 35 by 35 list.  This idea really appeals to me because I am one of those people who complain about having nothing to wear, despite a closet full of clothes.  I get so overwhelmed by all of my options that I just end up going with the same outfits again and again.

I knew I had a lot of clothes but I didn’t realize how much I really had until I tallied it all up.


Here are the items you’ll find in my wardrobe…

Sweaters: 11
Long sleeved shirts: 11
Short sleeved shirts: 26
Blazers: 6
Cardigans: 11
Vests: 3
Pants: 15
Leggings: 10
Dresses: 27
Skirts: 14

Yikes! That’s 134 items!  For phase 1 of my capsule wardrobe, my plan is to downsize to 70 items (by almost half!!!)

Sweaters: 8
Long sleeved shirts: 8
Short sleeved shirts: 12
Blazers: 4
Cardigans: 6
Vests: 2
Pants: 8
Leggings: 4
Dresses: 12
Skirts: 6

While that’s still a lot, this project is all about baby steps!  Think I can do it?  I’ll keep you updated!


3 thoughts on “Capsule Wardrobe Planning

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