Wardrobe Planning: Skirts & Dresses

This week I started on my capsule wardrobe.  First up?  Skirts and dresses.

I started with 14 skirts and my goal was to get down to 8.


I’m happy to report I got to my target number!  I am now left with 2 maxi skirts, a pleated navy skirt, a flowy blush skirt, a floral print skirt, 2 tulle skirts, and a pencil skirt.

For dresses, I started with 27 and my goal was to get down to 12.


I almost hit my target by getting down to 13.  Because I was pregnant last summer and didn’t get the opportunity to wear many of these dresses, I wanted to hang onto them and reassess after this summer is over.  If there are some I don’t wear as often as I though I would, I’ll feel comfortable adding them to the donation bin.  I should reference that I also cheated a little with the dresses because I kept 4 additional dresses (so my total is really 17) that are a bit fancier and not for everyday use.  Because an opportunity to wear this type of dress only presents itself a couple times a year (like a wedding or holiday party), I will keep these dresses somewhere else and not in my everyday wardrobe.

Check in next week to see how I’ve done with my pants!

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