Colour Inspiration: Blue & Pink

A little while ago, I came across this mood board from Nordic Design.  I loved the combination of pink and blue so I pinned it with hopes of somehow using the colours in the house.


I had been wanting to redecorate our dining room but didn’t know if M would be in for painting the walls (currently a beige colour, I want to change them to white).  Surprisingly, he gave me the go ahead so I started searching for textiles that would bring in the blue and pink colour scheme.  I found these curtains from Patternization on Society6 that are beautiful!


Then the other day I was perusing Michael’s (honestly not even looking to buy anything!) and I saw this pad of scrapbook paper with the combination of blues and pinks.


These images don’t event do the colours justice.  They are beautiful with robin’s egg blue, navy, blush, and rose gold.  I will be framing some of these to make inexpensive artwork!

While I don’t have time to take on a painting project right now, I’m hoping to complete this redesign by Christmas.  It’s officially be added to my to-do list!

What do you think of this colour combination?

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