35 by 35: March Update

Only 7 weeks left until my birthday which means I have just over a month and a half to complete my 35 by 35 list!

Here’s my update…  The green items are the ones I’ve achieved, the pink are ones that are in progress, and the black are ones I haven’t started yet…

  1. Get another tattoo (actually got 2 more!)
  2. Convince M to get a tattoo (we got matching tattoos on our anniversary)
  3. Take a family trip (went to Montreal in May and took an East Coast road trip in the summer)
  4. Dye my hair a fun colour (tried to add some purple highlights on the underside of my hair, ended up with pink… decided it’s too high maintenance for me and went back to brown, lol!)  
  5. Go to Medieval Times (went just last week)
  6. Beat an escape room (hoping to take care of this on March Break!)
  7. Write 50 more blog posts (this is post 39)
  8. Make reno plans for the house (just waiting on city approvals at this point!)
  9. Finish grad school (my last course will be finished mid-April)
  10. Build a capsule wardrobe (did a big purge last year and it seems to be working out!)
  11. Go tubing (had a blast with the kids at a water park in Niagara Falls a couple weeks ago… lots of tube slides!)
  12. Organize the basement
  13. Set up RESPs
  14. Take the kids to the top of the CN Tower (we went for Father’s Day)
  15. Have a picnic on the beach (did this while we were on our road trip)
  16. Visit a tiki bar (went to a local place by me and wasn’t impressed)
  17. Have a night away with M (while not technically a night away, we did have our first kid-free night since L2 was born.  I’d say this counts!)
  18. Sing public karaoke (sang I Think We’re Alone Now by Tiffany)
  19. Have a spa day
  20. Go glow in the dark bowling (hoping to take care of this on March Break!)
  21. Get my make up professionally done
  22. Go to a comedy show (saw a super funny show with my mommy group)
  23. See baby animals at Riverdale Farm (there were baby sheep, goats, pigs and chicks – so cute!)
  24. Take a picture at the heart in the Distillery District (it was super cold and snowy but we managed it!)
  25. Learn a fun party trick (anyone have suggestions for this one?!?)
  26. Host a dinner party (I’m counting the lunch we hosted after the girls’ baptism, the several brunches we’ve had at our place, and the handful of after school play dates that included dinner)
  27. Get through Christmas without giving any gift cards (everyone I bought presents for got something other than gift cards)
  28. Go geocaching (did this on our road trip in PEI)
  29. Complete a 30 day photo challenge (posted a photo to Instagram each day in February)
  30. Get in better shape (I’ve been eating much better the last couple months and I have a 10 class pass to a local fitness studio I just need to use…)
  31. Read 25 books (I just started book 27!)
  32. Take updated family photos (did this in October)
  33. Share menu plans on the blog (shared my first set of menu plans just this past week… stay tuned for the next set in a couple days)
  34. Volunteer (I’ve been volunteering on the daycare Board of Directors this year and have also helped out at the school with a couple field trips)
  35. Get the girls baptized (their baptism was January 21st)

Slowly chipping away!  Think I can get everything finished before April 22nd?

2 thoughts on “35 by 35: March Update

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