Reno Update: Costing & Delays

Back in January, I shared our plans for a major renovation to our small bungalow.


We decided on a 12 foot addition out the back with a main floor gut, and were waiting on costing from a few different contractors.

One contractor came back with a quote of $210,000 and a timeline of 8 months.

The other contractor quoted the project at $334,000 and a timeline of 3 months.

That may seem like a big discrepancy in cost but it’s because the second contractor is a large company that would assign us an entire team – hence why they can turn the project around much quicker.

We are also anticipating about $70,000 in finishes and fixtures (not to mention the $10,000 we’ve already invested in drawings and fees!)  Sigh!  On top of the high cost of this project, we’ve also encountered some issues with timelines.

While developing our floor plan, we knew that we would need to go to Committee of Adjustment (extra approval step for the city – additional changes may be necessary based on what they say).  We thought we would be going to Committee in April and be able to start the project in June.  Turns out Committee is super back logged and we didn’t get a date until late September!  As a result, we wouldn’t be able to start work until late November (pending approvals) and we would then be contending with the cold weather.  Double sigh!  Looks as if we will more than likely be delaying the project until the ground has thawed (so foundation can be poured) in 2019.

We are super frustrated with the change in timelines but I guess we now have an extra year to save for the project, lol!

3 thoughts on “Reno Update: Costing & Delays

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