Modern Farmhouse Living Room Mood Board

With our reno (hopefully!) starting on April 1st, I’ve been in active design mode.  Not only have I been sourcing things for when all the work is done, I’ve been trying to find items that will work in our rental (which we officially took possession of yesterday!), and  will also work with existing furniture we won’t be replacing.

Here’s what I came up with for the living room:


  1. Bearden Ivory Area Rug 
  2. FRIHETEN corner sofa-bed with storage 
  3. Gia Hexagon Accent Mirror 
  4. Jeterson Industrial Grace Wall Shelf 
  5. RANARP work lamp 
  6. Erasmus Chaise Lounge 
  7. LAPPLJUNG RUTA cushion cover 
  8. Cainsville End Table 
  9. BYÅS TV bench 
  10. Modern Geometric Cube Poster 

Like this mood board?  I’ve made a couple others… check them out here and here.

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