Friday Faves

Happy Friday everyone! Today is another day off and another 8 hours to myself. While I didn’t get to work on any DIYs, I still got quite a bit accomplished.  I drove M to work, visited my brother, had lunch with my mum, washed the dishes I had neglected all week long and folded some laundry.  Oh, and of course I wrote this post 🙂

Here’s a quick entry with some of my favourite images from Pinterest this past week. They are definitely giving me some inspiration for upcoming projects. Stay tuned!

On a side note, I am having some trouble getting the links to open in new windows so if you click on one of the pics below, be sure to hit ‘back’ on your browser to finish up your visit!

1. Watercolour Heart


Source: Emma Plunkett’s Art Paintings

In honour of my most recent birthday (the big 3-0!), I decided get another tattoo. While my birthday was in April, I haven’t taken the plunge yet because I just can’t decide what to get! I want it to include the girls’ initials but I’m still working out the design. Lately, I’m digging watercolour tattoos and I love this heart. The colours are beautiful and the design is really unique.

2. Artwork Feature Wall

Source: Idea Interiors Montreal

Source: Idea Interiors Montreal

This is definitely going to be a project for me this summer. I have an open wall in my dining room that currently has a mirror and a couple pieces of artwork. Something like this would really make the space pop!

3. DIY Push Pins

Source: What Katie Made

Source: What Katie Made

How cute are these? And so simple! Pretty buttons + thumb tacks = a one of a kind way to display more pretty things!

4. 8 Can Taco Soup

Source: High Heels and Grills

Source: High Heels & Grills

This sounds delicious and so easy to make! Now I just need to get M on board with soup for dinner!

5. Pretty Hair

Source: Refinery 29

Source: Refinery 29

So pretty! I’m definitely trying this soon!

Interested in seeing what else I’m up to on Pinterest? Check our my boards here!

Have a great weekend everyone!

Random Updates

A few random things to share as I head into my extended long weekend.

1. Yesterday was my wedding anniversary. M and I celebrated our 4 years of wedded bliss with a nice dinner out at Melanie’s Bistro, a local restaurant with a great atmosphere and delicious food. I had the lamb (a little tough but the sauce more than made up for it) and M had the steak (cooked to perfection with tasty seasoning). We started with the crab cakes which I would probably pass on in the future. While good, they weren’t anything special and they not worth the cost at $10 for 2. The best part of the meal was by far the chocolate mousse cake for dessert. M and I shared but he let me have more than half 🙂


My wedding day: May 23rd, 2009

2. E started daycare this week and she is transitioning wonderfully! She hasn’t cried once at the drop off and she loves being able to play with new toys and new babies. Unfortunately she loves it so much that she doesn’t want to nap. Apparently she is afraid she will miss out on something! She has been napping longer as the week progresses so hopefully she will work up to her normal routine in the next week or so.

3. Today I have a day to myself! I have a day off from work today (thank you, accrued vacation time!) and with both girls in daycare, I have a full 8 hours to do whatever I want, whenever I want! This is the first time I’ve had this kind of time to myself since E has been born! So what do I have planned? A visit with my sister-in-law and niece, a trip to the library and grocery shopping. While running household errands isn’t exactly what I would do on my ideal day off, our fridge is bare and we need something for dinner! At least I can take my time to peruse the aisles and read labels!

That’s it for now so have a good weekend everyone!


2:30 update: Apparently it was silly of me to think that I could have a whole day to myself.  The daycare called after lunch informing me that E had a fever and that I would need to pick her up 😦  On the plus side, I swung by the drive-thru on my way home from the daycare and my Big Mac was delicious!  I’m happy to report that E is currently napping in her crib 🙂