Project Roadblock

My latest project was coming along quite nicely… and then it wasn’t.

I had intentions of creating a feature wall in the living room to display family photos. I was inspired by the following pictures I found through Pinterest:

60094976248292251_zaGLLKin_c DSC_0774

My plan was to install pictures ledges (from Ikea) above the couch. I also wanted to paint the adjacent wall a dark grey and install smaller picture ledges.

I was making progress: I bought the necessary supplies, I found the perfect grey and painted, and I installed the picture ledges above the couch and arranged the pictures to my liking. Then it came time to install the smaller picture ledges and I hit a snag. There are built-ins behind the wall I wanted to use and as a result, I didn’t have enough depth to screw all the way into the wall. Crap.

Being a problem solver, I came up with a few solutions:

  1. Use construction adhesive to stick the pictures ledges to the wall. Hubby did not like this idea so I moved on.
  2. Use adhesive strips to stick the picture ledges to the wall. Hubby was much more receptive so I tried it out. After a few hours, the test shelf came tumbling down.
  3. Use smaller screws and wall plugs that aren’t as long. This was my epiphany – problem solved! Unfortunately the screws weren’t long enough to anchor the picture ledge properly to the wall. A little weight on the shelf and it pulled the anchors right out of the wall. I should note that our walls are plaster. I think that has something to do with it too.

Sigh. I’m taking a break from this project. First off, it will give me the opportunity to test out keeping the wall plain – just painted with no pictures. Maybe that is all that is needed to jazz up the space. If not, I need so time to figure out how to get the picture ledges up or determine what should serve as their replacement. I have a few DIY art projects in my back pocket so this may be the time to bring them out.

I’ll let you know what I decide and post some pictures at that point.