Reno Update: Phase 1 Complete (plus a little something extra in the back)

We are making progress on our home renovations which is very exciting!  This past week, people came in to do some waterproofing.  As I’ve mentioned before, we have some dampness in the back corner of our basement whenever it rains.  I wanted to do some work in the basement but not before the water issue was fixed.  The last thing I wanted was to dump $30,000 into updating the space only to have it ruined after a wet winter!

We met with a few different companies and decided it was best to do exterior waterproofing and also install a sump pump.

The project took about 4 days and cost $7,000.  Don’t you just hate these projects that are super expensive (but necessary!) and add no aesthetic value to your home?


After the waterproofing was complete

Up next is phase 2 of our renos: replacing drywall, removing the carpet, installing laminate and a design overhaul of the space.

To get ready for this, we had to start clearing out the space.  I was beyond overwhelmed but we made great progress with the playroom and the guest room (which was more of a storage space).


Playroom before


Playroom after


‘Guest room’ before


‘Guest room’ after (you can actually see the bed!)

We got rid of a lot of stuff… hopefully our local thrift store was happy when we dropped it all off!


All the stuff we got rid of

Now we can get our contractor in to start on the inside work!

As for the little something extra in the back?  We have a new fence!  A new neighbour moved in during the summer and he is doing a ton of work in the house next door.  One of the items on his to-do list was to clean up his backyard which M and I were thankful for… it was a total mess!


Fence before

Now we have new wooden fence that only cost us $700 and we didn’t need to do any of the labour 🙂


Fence after

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!