Valentines Surprises

M and I went for our first date on Valentines Day… 14 years ago!  I was 17 and he tried to woo me with dinner at The Keg.  Unfortunately he didn’t make reservations and the place was packed!  We ended up at a Jack Astor’s instead.  It probably worked out for the best considering I was a vegetarian at the time 🙂

Being nostalgic, I pulled out the scrapbook I made while we were dating.  Here’s a peek at high school Lindsay and M:



Anyway, I received some unexpected Valentines surprises this year:

1. M made reservations for us to go to dinner tonight.  While I knew we were doing dinner, I kinda just thought we would end up at the restaurant down the street.  Nope!  We are going to a legit establishment where M will wear a dress shirt 🙂

2. M bought me a Bose Soundlink Mini speaker.  I want to say that we don’t really do gifts but upon further reflection, it turns out that he usually buys me something and I drop the ball.  I didn’t even bother with a card, lol.  It wasn’t just the present which was a surprise, it was also the delivery.  Last night we were playing hide and seek and I was in what I thought was a stellar hiding spot because no one could find me.  I actually called the house to see if M wanted to to come out!  Rather than looking for me, turns out he was setting up the speaker!  I probably wouldn’t even have noticed it was set up until L said something.  I’m pumped because this little itty-bitty speaker now replaces a huge sound system that we had set up and that I’ve been asking M to get rid of for years!

3.  M found my bracelet that I was sure I had lost.  I was out and about all day yesterday and when I came home, one of the first things I did was wash my hands.  Out of habit, I went to push my bracelet up, only to discover it wasn’t there!  I was totally bummed because M had given me this bracelet the first Christmas we were together.  Well, M found it this morning on the carpet!  I guess it had fallen off on my way into the house!

Do you have any exciting plans for Valentines?