Quick Update: I’m still here!

It is coming up on 3 weeks since I last did a blog post… sorry about that!

I have been super busy lately and the last month has just flown by!

In addition to working extra hours to achieve some deliverables, I’ve also been travelling a bit for work and finishing up an online course.

I wanted to do up a quick post to let everybody know that I’m still here and that I plan to get back into posting more frequently soon! Especially with the nicer weather upon us – I am feeling revitalized and ready to get this bad boy started up again!

I have a new feature I am looking to start up which I am really excited about… The ELM Life’s Healthy Mom Challenge.

This came about from my desire to be healthier. Both for myself and for being able to be a positive role model for my family and positively influence their habits.

My goal is to complete a series of challenges related to mine and my family’s wellbeing.

I want these challenges to be easy to implement and sustainable with the idea that they become permanent habits in my new healthy lifestyle.

Each week, I am going to have a challenge related to being more physically activity, a challenge related to eating healthier and a challenge related to general wellbeing and happiness.

I hope that you all follow along with my progress in this challenge and maybe even participant yourself.

I will post about my first 3 challenges will be posted on Sunday so be sure to check back!

Have a healthy day!