Spring Updates

How is it already the end of April? I feel like I have missed the last couple months!

I am writing this post from 35,000 feet in the air en route to Banff for a conference. When I get back to Toronto, M and I are taking the girls to Niagara for a couple days at Great Wolf Lodge. Everyone is looking forward to some time away.

Starting in May, things are going to finally slow down a little for me. As I shared with you all back in February, I started a new job. What I didn’t mention is that it is only 3 days a week but up until just this week, I was working the new job plus 2 days a week at my old job to wrap things up. I am now officially finished at my old job (although I am continuing with one of my projects as an out-of-office consultant, but that is another story!) and excited for 4 day weekends every week! I am so pumped to have more time for hanging out with the girls, completing projects around the house and attempted improvements to my domestic goddess self (like maybe doing some chores or cooking legit meals).

As if this isn’t enough of a change, I found out earlier in April that I was accepted to do my Masters! I am officially going to grad school in the fall! I’m a little nervous about the prospect of going back to school but am also very excited for this challenge and the opportunities it will open up for me.

I will be off the grid for a few days while I’ll be travelling but I’ll check in next week. Enjoy the weekend!

NYC Itinerary

So I leave for NYC tomorrow morning… squee!

The last time I was in NYC, it was with M when L was about 10 months old.  NYC with a baby didn’t exactly give me the opportunity to fully experience this amazing city.  This time around, I am travelling with my mum and we are staying right in Times Square.

While I am definitely going to miss M and the girls, I am looking forward to some good eats, lots of shopping and of course some female bonding!

Here’s what we have planned:

Friday, April 25th
Shopping: Times Square
Sightseeing: Museum of Modern Art
Dinner: Café 2

Saturday, April 26th
Sightseeing: 9/11 Memorial
Shopping: Century 21
Lunch: Table Green in Battery Park
Staten Island Ferry
Shopping: Atlantic Terminal Mall (Brooklyn)
Dinner: Julianna’s Pizza
Sightseeing: Walk Across Brooklyn Bridge
Entertainment: Broadway Show (TBD – buying tickets day off for the deep discount!)

Sunday, April 27th
Breakfast: Chelsea Market
Sightseeing: High Line
Sightseeing: Central Park
Lunch: The Plaza Food Hall
Shopping: 5th Avenue
Sightseeing: St. Paul’s Cathedral
Dinner/Drinks: The View
Shopping: Macy’s

Monday, April 28th

Breakfast: Clinton Street Baking
Shopping: Canal Street/SoHo
Lunch: McGee’s
Home time!

As a result of this trip, I won’t have the next post for the Healthy Mom Challenge until Monday.  I’ll touch base next week with my next challenge as well as an update on how my trip was!

Now to go pack 😛