Pinterest FAIL: fixing a doll’s hair with fabric softener

I love me a good Pinterest tip.  Unfortunately the one about fixing a doll’s hair with fabric softener didn’t work out for us 😦

L got her Our Generation doll (American Girl knock-off) for her birthday back in August.  In the beginning, she had beautiful hair, but that only lasted for all of 5 minutes.


I tried caring for her hair but didn’t have much success using a comb, my fingers or a specialty brush.  I came across a Pinterest tip that promised to solve my problem and I was very excited.

It involved soaking the dolls hair in a mixture of water and fabric softener.


Then, after the hair was wrapped in a towel to dry, you could comb through with amazing results.

I would not call this amazing…


While the doll’s hair was easier to comb through, it is still super frizzy 😦


I tried putting it in braids so it wouldn’t get more tangled but the ends are soooo bad!


I’m considering cutting my losses, quite literally, and giving her a cute bob.  Thoughts?  😉

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